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Welcome to TradeMaid

Trading. Made. Simple.

Our goal is to help the average person learn how to invest maturely, appropriately, and profitably.


About TradeMaid

TradeMaid was founded on October 12th, 2020. The purpose of TradeMaid is to provide people with quality investment recommendations. The TradeMaid strategy has proven returns of over 40% annually and counting. At TradeMaid, we do not encourage getting rich quick. We feel that longer term investments are the safest and most rewarding trades a person can make.

Types of stocks



Higher Risk and Reward

Speculative stocks are companies that have seemingly unattainable goals for the future, but if those goals are reached the stock can multiply quickly.



Long-term safe play

Growth stocks are well established companies such as Walmart, Target, and Square. These companies consistently bring in big revenue and are projected to keep increasing profits within the next 5 years.



Cheap Valuations

Value stocks are stocks that have not been overbought. They are viewed as "cheap" and are very likely to rise over time.



Receive Monthly Stipends

Dividend stocks provide payouts while you own them.


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